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Goal: Raise awareness about death rates that are caused because of fast and dangerous driving. As it was stated that there are:

  • More than twenty deaths a day.
  • More than 7,500 deaths a year.
  • More than 39 thousand patients.


  • Men drivers of all ages.


  • Create an awareness campaign called “Qyadaty”
  • Design and develop the first Arab educational interactive site to develop drivers’ skills and reduce death and injury on our roads.
  • Organize workshops for drivers.
  • Design and develop the website and create an interactive online test portal.
  • Come up with different ideas for shooting videos that illustrate road safety tips.

“Arriving safe is the goal”

Date: 2013 - Today
Client: Qyadati - Saudi Aramco
Category: Graphic Designing,Video Production,Web Designing and Development,Web Development

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