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Imagining a safe road!

Goal: Emphasis the role of Civil Defense province in decreasing the rate of accidents because:

  • Saudi Arabia ranks the second highest Arab country to have car accidents.
  • Fires are increasing in the home during special occasions, like Ramadan.


  • Women whether working or housewives.
  • Men especially younger car drivers, those who love driving fast and not following traffic regulations.


  • Develop an awareness campaign called “Nahya”
  • Develop a mobile application software to include, all emergency numbers, and contact information to other services related to urgent assistance.
  • Create a design for a bag for the campaign, which will include some important devices that every home should have like, smoke detector, gas detector, Fire extinguisher.
  • Design and create a mobile home simulator based on a truck, for schools and students, to experience accidents in the home and how they can deal with these instances.

Imagining a safe road!

Date: 2016-Todya
Client: EP Saudi Civil Defense
Category: Digital Media Campaigns,Graphic Designing,Marketing Campaign,Mobile App Development,Video Production,Web Designing and Development,Web Development

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