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Into a new safer generation”


  • Decrease the rate of death because of car accidents between the ages of 16 to 36 years old


  • Target ages between 16 to 36 years.


  • Developing an awareness campaign called “Our life is better with safety”
  • Create ideas and shoot videos communicating this issue and how to be more careful on the road to reduce death and injury.
  • Design a students’ bag which include games, booklets, stories, puzzles and information in a fun way to attract their attention and for them to be creative in their learning.
  • Design and develop an interactive website for the campaign
  • Develop a mobile application software for the campaign
  • Create catchy content for the website and the edutainment materials for the students’ bags.

Our life is better with safety

Date: 2013-2016
Client: EP Traffic Safety - Aramco
Category: Graphic Designing,Mobile App Development,Video Production,Web Designing and Development

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