Prince Faisal bin Bandar launched “Khatwah” Application

Prince Faisal bin Bandar launched “Khatwah” Application

On Wednesday 5th of October, Prince Faisal Bin Bandar attended the launching of the national campaign (10 year and to be continued) for raising awareness about breast cancer as well as an application named “Khatwa” for encouraging people to use the app for their steps and that every step they will make will count for charity organizations in the kingdom.


As a leading marketing and advertising agency in Saudi, we believe in paying back to our society, so recently we’ve been developing a way to connect those who needs support and special care to those who can extend theirs.

KHATWAH, our latest Mobile App- is the fruit of all our team’s efforts in the past few months, so by walking, running, jumping or even biking, you could save others life, not mentioning the good you will do to yourself by becoming healthier and more fit.


Working in such a project made us feel so proud of how our skills and expertise could come handy in contributing to the good of our community. Also by joining the efforts with Zahra association for Breast cancer, our Mobile App will be more valuable as we will be able to reach the people who’re in real need of support in their fight against cancer.

Using our new sport/charity app will allow you to work out while at the same time, our sponsors will be paying for each step you make.

So, take another step into making good difference in others life.

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